Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Blogging Workspace

Yes, folks, this is where all the excitement happens. On one wall of my bedroom I have an old-fashioned set-up, including a desktop computer, color printer, mouse, keyboard, etc. Following my procrastinating habits, the speakers have yet to be unpacked.

On the little shelf on top of the desk is my slide scanner, which I plan on using as soon as I figure out where all my slides are. I think they're on the top shelf of my closet, but it will require the height and muscles of one of my offspring to find out for sure.

My oldest accessory is to the left of the monitor, my old friend Opus of "Bloom County" comic strip fame. Ah, Berkeley Breathed, wherefore art thou? Opus has helped me meet many a deadline. He's sitting on a shoebox containing all computer-related CDs.

Almost as old is the mouse pad on the right, made from a photo of my two oldest grandchildren a few years back. It was a gift from my son Tim, who is no longer with us and is sorely missed.

The desk chair was a gift from my son James. There was a time when I was at the computer a lot, so this wonderful back support was (and is) much appreciated.

The desk itself is the newest part of the ensemble. I bought it at Fry's Electronics almost two years ago. It doesn't take up too much room, but it holds everything I need.

The printer has its own stand, with shelves for paper and miscellaneous items.

The blinds came with the apartment and I plan to cover them with drapes. I don't open the blinds because the window looks out on another apartment's patio and I'm shy.

I love my computer, with its Photoshop and Microsoft Word and a myriad of other goodies, so this is where I go when there's blogging and hardcore photo-editing to be done. However, since I discovered a certain distraction called IPad, most of my web-browsing (and, possibly, game-playing) is done in the comfort of my chair in the living room. But it's just a toy and my computer is the real thing.

Until next time,

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smalltownme said...

Could you give me info on your slide scanner? The cheapie one I have does not work with the my current computer. Thanks!