On My Bookshelves

"So many books, so little time" fits my reading philosophy perfectly. I do love my books, old books, new books, fiction, non-fiction, almost every genre. In fact, I love my so much so that I purchased two new bookcases to hold them all, rather than getting rid of some to make room.

Here is a list of the authors that have the most books in my fiction collection:

Alcott, Louisa May (5 titles, including "Little Women," of course)

Braun, Lillian Jackson (14 titles, "The Cat Who..." mystery series)
Burke, James Lee (10 titles, mostly featuring Loosyanna detective Dave Robicheaux)

Chandler, Raymond (4 titles, the grandfather of L.A. noir )
Child, Lee (10 titles, featuring tough-as-nails Jack Reacher)
Christie, Agatha (25 titles, the quintessential British mysteries)
Collins, Suzanne (3 titles, "The Hunger Games" series)
Connelly, Michael (3 titles, two with the Lincoln Lawyer)
Crais, Robert (12 titles featuring PI Elvis Cole and his silent but deadly partner, Joe Pike)

De Blasis, Celeste (4 titles by one of my favorite authors)
Follett, Ken (2 titles)
Funke, Cornelia (3 titles, the "Inkheart" series)

Gabaldon, Diana (2 titles by a Scottsdale author)
Gardner, Earl Stanley (3 titles featuring famed defense lawyer Perry Mason)
George, Elizabeth (7 titles by another favorite - veddy British)
Graftson, Sue (only 8 titles for some reason)
Grey, Zane (20 titles; cut my teeth on these westerns)
Grisham, John (2 titles)

Haycox, Ernest (11 titles from a popular author of Westerns from the '40s)
Higgins, Jack (15 titles starring former IRA assassin Sean Dillon)
Hillerman, Tony (9 titles, all featuring Navajo policemen Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee)
Hull, E.M. (3 titles, the scandalous "Sheik" series from the 1920s)

James, P.D. (2 British mysteries)
Jance, J.A. (7 mysteries by an Arizona author)
Jordan, Robert (6 titles from "The Wheel of Time" fantasy series)

Kellerman, Faye (2 titles with a Jewish police detective in LA)
Kellerman, Jonathan (22 titles that feature crime-solving psychologist Alex Delaware and police Lt. Milo Sturgis)

Larsson, Steig (3 titles, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series)
Lehane, Dennis (5 titles featuring Boston PIs)
Ludlum, Robert (7 titles of espionage and suspense)

McInnes, Helen (6 titles of romance and intrigue)
Menkell, Henning (3 titles by great Swedish mystery writer)
Meyer, Stephenie (5 titles - yes, I'm a "Twilight fan - Team Edward!)

Parker, Robert B. (21 titles, mostly Spenser novels)
Perry, Anne (2 British mysteries)
Peters, Elizabeth (20 titles, including the complete Amelia Peabody series)

Rinehart, Mary Roberts (6 titles from another bygone mystery queen)
Roberts, Nora (15 titles of romance, some with murder thrown in)
Rowling, J.K. (7 titles - the wonderful Harry Potter series)

Sanders, Lawrence (3 titles with Palm Beach playboy/detective Archie McNally)
Stewart, Mary (6 titles of romantic suspense)
Stout, Rex (18 titles featuring famed detective Nero Wolf and his faithful Archie Goodwin)

Tolkien, J.R.R. (2 titles about hobbits, kings, elves, dwarves, rings of power and the fate of Middle Earth)

Do you have any of these authors on your shelf? Any you'd like to recommend? (Yeah, like I really need more books!)