Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

A funny thing happened today – funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha, as we say in my family.

I had taken a photo of my granddaughter with my phone and sent it to my son at work. I wasn’t really happy with the photo and wished I had a way to edit it right then and there. So I went to the App Store and search for a photo-editing app. I found a free one (of course!) and downloaded it. I was able to crop the photo, adjust the lighting and put it in a nice frame. I then sent the revised version to my son, who was very impressed.

Before - one cute girl, one bad photo.

After I did all this, it suddenly occurred to me –

I took a picture with my phone.

I sent the picture to my son at work with my phone.

I shopped at the App Store with my phone.

I found a free photo-editing program with my phone.

I took the program from the store with my phone.

I added the program to my other apps with my phone.

I edited the photo with my phone.

I framed the photo with my phone.

I sent the revised version to my son with my phone.

After - girl is even cuter, photo is more gooder.
Those of you who were born in the digital age may not see what the fuss is about, but to an old gal like me, the steps I listed above are nothing less than a miracle of technology.

When you start with a wall phone, then advance to a desktop phone, followed by a cordless phone, then a cell phone, a (really) smart phone becomes a big deal. Especially when the phone is smarter than I am!

When I got my first cell phone, I seldom used it. Now, I use my smart phone all day long – but only for important stuff. Like emergencies, taking and editing pictures, checking my e-mail and Facebook, reading books, watching movies, and maybe, perhaps, once in awhile, but not often, I might play a game of Angry Birds.

BTW, the name of this photo-editing app is BeFunky. I don't know if it's available for anything but iPhones, but I'm sure there's something similar for Droids and such.

Till next time,

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