Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Blog on the Block

Once upon a time, in a land not so very far away, there lived a beautiful princess...no, that's stretching it a bit too far. There lived a woman who very much lived up to the title of this blog. That would be me. I discovered blogs as an antidote to boredom at work (gasp!) and became a shameless lurker.

Yes, I peeked into other people's blogs from the shadows, occasionally offering a comment and thinking that this blogging thing might be fun. But rather than diving into the diverse universe of all that is bloggy, I chickened out, just like my old friend George McFly: "I don't know if I can handle that kind of rejection." The rejection would come, of course, if no one read my blog.

You see, I am not at all crafty and I am constantly amazed at the creativity and talent of the many bloggers who can make anything out of anything. I do like to take photos but wasn't sure my efforts could measure up to the "real" photographers (even though I was a newspaper photographer for many years).

I continued to enjoy sharing the lives of bloggers all around the country, such as Sharon of A New England Life (New Hampshire), whose blog was my first inspiration, and Ree at The Pioneer Woman (Oklahoma) and Linda at The 7MSN Ranch in New Mexico. I was introduced to bloggers in other countries as well. Hello, Rhonda at Down to Earth in Australia! I downloaded their craft tutorials and saved their recipes and laughed at their jokes and cried at their sorrows. But I was still on the outside looking in.

Then one day it occurred to me that I'm not getting any younger (another gasp!) and that I could still have fun with my blog whether anyone else read it or not.

So after months of mental labor, here is my bouncing baby blog. It will touch on any number of topics, depending on what's on my mind at the moment.  (I know the layout needs tweaking, but I'm bound to get better at this, right?)

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A New England Life said...

Yes you are bound to get better Marianne! There's no where to go but up : )

Thank you for your sweet words. I had no idea I would inspire someone to begin their own blog. You certainly have some great inspiration to draw from as far as the other bloggers go. I better go check out Rhonda in Australia!

I compare myself to others all the time too, causing me to be terribly self critical. It's something I'm working on though. Baby steps. Looking back at the beginning of my blog it's amazing how far I've come. Maybe you'll say the same thing one day.

All the best,

*Oh, and if you don't comment on other blogs they won't know you exist!