Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little Help, Please?

Can any of you more experienced bloggers help me with a commenting problem? I've tried to leave comments on a number of sites that have this comment form that does not offer a name/url option:

I type in my comment and click "Post Comment" as "Google Account" because I have Gmail. But instead of posting my comment, I get sent to Blogger and this message appears:

I only have one Gmail account so logging out and changing accounts doesn't help. Has this ever happened to you? Any advice on how to fix it?

FYI: I'm able to comment on all blogs that have a different kind of comment form.



Montanagirl said...

Boy, I just have no idea what that's all about. Sometimes on a blog I follow I click on the post comment window, but no box pops up to type in. Blogger mystifies me.

AP Mommy said...

I've been having this SAME issue and it isn't anything you're doing. It's a Blogger issue that has been happening for MONTHS and I can't get it to be fixed. Some suggest deleting all your browser cookies, history, etc... my husband a computer guru did all of that and it didn't help at all. I then logged in to do a little blog redesign for a friend and when I logged back in as myself it was magically fixed for like a day. And then back to what you showed. Frustrating, eh? Not sure when/if they'll fix it. BUT I have noticed if people have the pop out comment page or the entirely seperate comment page (like your set up) that I can leave a comment with no issue. I guess all that to say you're not alone.