Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Got a Rock

I felt like Charlie Brown in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” getting rocks in my trick-or-treat bag instead of candy.
My first rock came when my interweb donned a ghost costume and disappeared into cyberspace. Oh, the horror! My (land line) phone’s screen read “R.I.P” at the same time. Spooky!
Fortunately I have a cell phone, without which I would have been doomed. I was able to get the phone company’s number from my son, only to be disconnected after half an hour of “please press this” and “please press that.” (Another rock.) So I went through it all over again and was finally able to start a repair ticket. The repair was supposed be done yesterday, but it didn’t get done until today. (Another rock.)
What I learned from this experience is how very much I depend on the Internet. I couldn’t read or send an e-mail. I couldn’t write a blog or read all the blogs I follow. I couldn’t check my bank balance or pay my bills. My granddaughter desperately needed a bus schedule, but I couldn’t access one for her. I couldn’t check movie times or play Jewel Quest (not life-threatening, but still...). I needed to pay my home insurance and locate property tax information. No can do.
What if I hadn’t had a cell phone? I would have no way of getting the phone company’s number unless I found a neighbor whose Internet was working or who at least had a phone book, something I no longer keep. I think I may make an exception when the next one arrives – just in case.
I think I’ll also write down all the phone numbers I need and keep the list in my desk. I’ll keep an electronic copy on my computer and my cell phone. Of course, a smart person would have done this already, but that’s beside the point, right? Maybe next year I’ll get candy.
Until next time,


smalltownme said...

You sure had a lot of "rocks!" I went from a dinosaur phone to an iphone and couldn't transfer all the phone numbers automatically. I ended up making a list of them but guess where the list is -- on the computer.

karen said...

This is so true, I had no connection for 8 days last month, so lost, but then got so much done around the house!!!

"The sign of a clean house is a broken computer" x