Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back in the Day

My little pony

I was four or five years old when this photo was taken. At this time itinerant photographers went door-to-door trying to sell parents on cute pictures of their kids. Ponies were very popular "props." The photographer provided the hat and chaps so each youngster would feel like a real cowboy or cowgirl, thus guaranteeing a big smile. As you can see, it worked! For the pony, not so much.

Till next time,


Lolly Jane said...

nice to meet a fellow arizonan! ;) love this pic, we had a pony growing up too!

smalltownme said...

My sons are 15 and 21 and they both have "pony pictures.". A photographer with a pony came to their daycare and dressed up the kids. And My 7 year old nephew had a pony picture, too. So they are still popular!